The Formula for eCommerce Growth

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exit·intent /eg-zit inˈtent/
1. The ability to know when a website visitor is going to leave a web page and THEN re-engage that visitor to encourage them to purchase.
“We used Exit Intelligence to lower our bounce rate and get more people to buy now”

Step 1: Discovery

Upon completing our initial kick-off call, we’ll start to develop a strategy, storyboard campaign graphics, and complete our research into your website analytics.

Step 2: Creative

Your dedicated graphic artist will work with you to create the perfect high performance creative to ensure a high conversion rate!

Step 3: Launch

Once the strategy and creative elements are approved we will activate the campaign and show your offer live on your website!

Step 4: Monitor & Track

We will review campaign statistics, confirm that your audience is positively responding to the offers/graphics we are displaying, and measure performance.

Step 5: Split Testing

Finally we will continually split test new offers, designs, call to actions, and verbiage to make sure you are getting the highest conversion rate possible.

Our Technology Modifying the eCommerce Sales Funnel

Email List Generation

Instantly gain email subscribers that you can directly market to with our Automatic Sales Generation System

Mobile Engagement

Pointing visitors towards the best converting pages with our Mobile Re-engagement System

Instant Cart Recovery

Reduce abandoned shopping carts instantly and save with our Instant Cart Recovery System

Money Falling

Stop guessing and know your ROI in real-time.

Watching us make you more money out of your existing traffic is priceless. Everything we do is trackable, measurable, and accurate to the dollar, so you can stop guessing and know your ROI in real-time.

How we helped BavSound

Generate an additional $100,000+ in 12mos from Exit Intelligence

BavSound approached us to help them capitalize on MORE of their existing traffic but they never expected the results we delivered. We ended up making them an extra $100,000+ in sales over 12 months…

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Split Testing

Continual Optimization - We fine tune down to the smallest detail. Which can make or break a sale.


Know what’s working - You’ll have 24/7 access to watch your campaign convert.

Full Service

Our team handles it for you. We’ll lead your campaigns to success. Allowing you to run your business.

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