BavSound added $100,000

in additional sales from using Exit Intelligence over 12mos

BavSound approached us to help them capitalize on MORE of their existing traffic but they never expected the results we delivered. We ended up making them an extra $100,000+ in sales after 12mos.

  • 100k lift over 12mos  
  • +1,200 new subscribers/mo
Our client BavSound logotype
1,200+ monthly subscribers
16% campaign growth
$100,000 in 12 mos from Exit Intelligence

Through data driven split testing we consistently improve

After multiple split tests and iterations on the initial design we were able to dramatically improve conversion rates and subsequently revenue as well.

Direct API Connection to MailChimp

We integrate with most email marketing programs. BavSound already had a strong MailChimp marketing campaign configured that we connected email conversion to directly with our API integration allowing BavSound to begin remarketing immediately and automatically.

More Sales!

From using Exit Intelligence, BavSound increased sales and built their followers

Client Feedback

“You guys have been instrumental in our growth over the last 6 months. Awesome to have partners that "get it" and make it happen for us. We're looking forward to a long, long successful future together!”
Micah Cranman
Co-Founder of BavSound
BavSound loves how we helped them boost sales
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