BavSound added $100,000

in additional sales from using Exit Intelligence over 12mos

BavSound approached us to help them capitalize on MORE of their existing traffic but they never expected the results we delivered. We ended up making them an extra $100,000+ in sales after 12mos

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  • 100k lift over 12mos  
  • +1,200 new subscribers/mo

Building a following for motor inspired apparel

How MotorMavricks built their email subscribers with Exit Intelligence.

MotorMavricks is a brand and lifestyle for automobile inspired clothing and apparel. MotorMavricks uses Exit Intelligence to build their email subscribers, boost engagement, and ultimately improve sales numbers.

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High end wine, High end results

Winestyr uses Exit Intelligence to reduce cart abandonment

With the ability to identify users who are about to leave the shopping cart, Winestyr can effecitley segment those abandoning visitors and offer extra incentives for them to purchase today.

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More sandals sold to existing traffic

The power to keep people on site to order

Hari Mari has been using Exit Intelligence to keep visitors on their site, keep them engaged, and build their following to ultimately boost sales.

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